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on January 13, 2018

Let’s begin by saying how GOOD traveling is for the soul. B.K. (before kids/BobbyKali time ha!) Bobby and I were always exploring. Every payday we would hop in our car and blow thru that check experiencing anything we could possibly afford. We may not have gotten to Paris on those dollars, but adventure is one thing we both crave and LOVE.. no matter how far we got! Whether it was visiting all the aquariums in CA, road trips to Big Sur, boat rides to Catalina or staycations at the Madonna Inn.. we are all about it. It’s probably one of my favorite things about ‘us’.. material things or the amount of money you have stashed away is not something we really put much thought/investment in.. but instead how much we can get out of this life. How much we can see. How much we can do. Not what we have, but memories we can create.

Our most recent travel took us to a weekend getaway to Tahoe.. and if you’ve never been, it’s a must for your bucket list. This was our second time visiting in the snow and it is just breathtaking. We both have so much appreciation for the beauty of nature, so to instill this in our boys is something that we hope to do early on. You don’t need to travel far from where you are to see what this world has to offer..

We rented a cabin with some of Bobby’s side of the family, and it was seriously SO much fun. Vacationing with my cousins growing up, will always be some of my favorite childhood memories. So, being able to create these experiences for our boys is really the best thing we could ever give them. Creating traditions and making memories.. it’s the best parts of life!

..now where to next? 😉




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on January 3, 2018

As the new year is upon us, and fresh starts and resolutions is the topic of conversations.. it really got me thinking about 2017.

365 days filled with life that passed us by in what seemed like seconds. SO much happened and all though it was filled with so much laughter, cherished memories and love.. it was also filled with so many trials, hurt and heartache. To be honest, 2017 was tough.. as I’m sure it was for many. This year brought numerous natural disasters all around our country, mass shootings, racial tensions.. the list is endless. Last Sunday I sat in church as we discussed the long list of “2017 Top Headlines” and I couldn’t believe that all happen in twelve short months. The list seemed like it went on forever and all it included were some of the “top” heartaches our country went through as a whole..

With this it got me thinking of my year. All it included, from the (countless) smiles all the way down to the fears and tears that we shed these past months. Our families both faced hardships this year, as I’m sure many families did.. that’s life.

Im not writing this to remember the hard times, in fact I’m doing it for the opposite. As I look back through hardships, I see blessings and I see miracles. I see prayers answered and I see so much good. I see that all though so many suffered hard times, we are still living and breathing and trying.

So as the new year is now upon us, I hope as we set our new goals to be healthier and exercise more.. I hope we can dig deeper for what our life truly needs. That YES there WILL be hard times.. but do NOT dwell on those.. because although it may be hard to see, there is a blessing in that hardship.. and if you believe and open your eyes.. you will see miracles all around.

This may sound like jumble..

But, I see so many (myself included at times) get caught up in the negative parts of their life that they are unable to see how blessed they are. Life can be hard.. but it is SO SO good.

Hello Stranger!

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on October 26, 2017

I just plugged my camera in and have over 300 pictures that need to be uploaded. Been about two months since I’ve visited my little spot of the internet, and to say I’ve neglected it, would be an understatement!

BUT.. I mean, life happens.

Since I’ve shared on here, we have:

  • been to Disneyland twice
  • had a zoo trip
  • had two date nights
  • Copeland turned THREE!!!!
  • been to the pumpkin patch four times
  • been spending majority of our days outside (except this week.. almost 100 degree weather? no thank you)
  • spending our Sundays at church

..and really just enjoying and loving our life as a family.

I have had to turn away from the news for a bit, because honestly, my heart and mind just can’t handle it. Sounds so over dramatic, I’m sure. Though between the hurricanes, horrendous wildfires, mass shootings, constant negativity.. It is a lot. This may be because I am now a parent, but the thought of trying to raise strong, smart, kind and loving boys in this wild world sometimes becomes daunting and very scary. So, this is one of the reasons I have been a little MIA.. been putting lots of my energy into parenting and really trying to live in the moment with them!

I am going to try and do recaps of some of our “big” moments we’ve shared lately.. but wanted to share a couple pictures with my *pumpkins* before October slips away!



“Simple” Happiness

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on August 4, 2017

In these short (almost) three years, I feel like these boys have taught me more about life, than I have come close to teaching them. I don’t mean learning to count, or even manners for that matter.. but truly about life.

They have changed my outlook in more ways than one, and even though it sounds so cliche, made me a better person. I notice all these tiny and beautiful things that I had once taken for granted. I mean, have there always been a million butterflies constantly flying around or did they just appear once Copeland and Palmer started pointing them out? Catch my drift?

Life is so unbelievably perfect.. and these two little dudes who have no idea who the president is, how much money you have in your bank account, what brand your shirt is, or how many body “flaws” you think you may have.. taught me that. All they know are these small and simple things in life, but it’s these “simple” things that bring the TRUEST happiness.

Oh boys, thank you for teaching me and showing me the real beauty of this world. Happiness is so easy to come by, yet so easily overlooked. I hope I can forever see the beauty in the every day as you two do.  To see all the colors painted in the sky, every small bug flying by, and to be excited for rainfall.. not because of the lazy mentality it brings, but because of the excitement to jump in all the puddles after. You both have brought so much life to mine, and a whole new meaning to my world in more ways than one.

So, a couple of our “simple” moments.. some random iPhone camera roll pictures that I just NEVER want to forget!

Finding blessings in hard days

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on July 29, 2017

Parenting is hard. Raising babies, and constantly questioning if you’re doing it “right” is hard. This is one of those things in life that you basically have to just wing, hope for the best, trust your instinct, and pray hard that you are making the right choices. I mean, where can I find a user manual on these little guys?!

This was one of those weeks where I was REALLY wishing there was a manual on how to handle life at the moment. Let’s just say, the Gutierrez house was filled with lots of little boy tears, and lots of mommy/daddy stress. We currently have one baby getting 5 teeth all at once (whyyyy?!) and a toddler that fights everything. By everything I mean he is fighting getting dressed, all the way down to a ten minute car ride. Tantrums on tantrums.

It is hard not to get wrapped up in the crazy parts of life. Sometimes it’s inevitable NOT to get overwhelmed. It took me all the way from Monday to Friday night to realize I wasted a whole week stressing over being stressed, and worst of all feeling sorry for myself.

As parents, we all face battles, some may be harder than others.. but they are all battles..

Funny to think now, Saturday morning, I am actually thankful for my battles. I am trying to help my baby get thru growing new teeth, while my toddler finds his own personality. Two HEALTHY boys that are very much provided for in more aspects than one.

I’m so thankful for these boys of mine, no matter how hard some days may be.. they are mine, and they are healthy. Is there anything to really complain about once you think about that?


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4th of July

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on July 20, 2017

Even though it is now the middle of July (how are we half way through 2017 already?!) I really wanted to get up a couple pictures from our 4th of July! We headed down to our old stomping grounds, Santa Barbara. It is one of our favorite places to be during this holiday, and even though we came back home before the fireworks (I know, such mean parents) it was still such a perfect day! We have been all over California on the fourth, and SB definitely takes the cake for our favorite. We spent most of our time at the beach, and between the live music and food trucks.. it was so much fun!

Another ONE Bites the Dust..

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on May 30, 2017

It’s ok, the first year is hard.. but as soon as he turns one, life will become so much easier!”

I heard this a lot this year. Being a mom of two little ones has been tiring exhausting. Not only just a mom, but a stay at home/with my kids 99.8% of their entire lives has taught me a LOT.

I could say this year has been one for the books, and you could assume by that I mean totally awesome. But that would not be the complete truth.

In fact, this year has been one of my toughest.

The best way to describe this year.. a balancing act.

I learned what the true definition of being busy is. By busy I don’t mean running errands, a million play dates, AND SO MUCH TO DO.. kind of busy. But busy in terms of strategic planning on limited sleep so everyone continues to be happy.. “I need to figure out how to nurse AND play with my toddler at the same time? Give everyone attention and love when all I want to do is sleep for just two minutes? Ok done.” It has been a busy year.

The biggest struggle we had this year was balancing attention. It’s a struggle that we are actually still learning, and I think we will continue to struggle with this for time to come. It is SO important to us that each baby feels so completely loved and special at ALL times. That we interact with our children and aren’t just throwing a tablet or ton of toys at them while we sit back and watch.

So, when people would tell us to wait until that first year is over and it will become easier, they were right in one sense.

It does get easier. My boys now engage with one another, and they share similar interests. They laugh, play, fight and love each other. I am now not (always) waking up three times each night to tend to babies. I am no longer juggling nursing with play time.

How is it not easier? Accepting a whole year is gone. Another year has passed and now my little Palmer is ONE. And as I kept telling myself the whole year that it will get easier.. I am now wishing I could go back to those “hard” days.. because well, babies don’t keep.

Although this sounds like a huge ramble, I just want to send encouragement out to all those mommas of multiples, soon to be mommas of multiples or mommas in general..

Don’t wait for time to pass, because it will. It is something we don’t have control over. Those late night feedings, then waking up with all the energy to play with your toddler are going to pass.. and it will become something you miss!

Live it up and soak it all in. These days can be long, but my oh my are the years short!


..a couple horrible quality but memory worthy photos of my dudes lately!

IMG_8439 IMG_8266 IMG_8150

Mother’s Day + Camera Roll

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on May 15, 2017

As Mother’s Day just passed, I literally had ALL THE FEELS. I mean, how special are mothers! It’s a lot of pressure raising little ones.. our role as moms is to not only love and nurture, but also to point them down the right path in life while making sure they become GOOD people. Am I the only one totally freaked about this!?

This year, more than ever, I appreciate this special day.

I appreciate those fellow mommas around me, as we all learn motherhood together. As we get through the hard days, laugh, and encourage one another.

I appreciate my mom and my grandma. The two who have molded me into the woman I am today. Through lots of trial and error over the years as I tried to find myself, they were the two who I always aspired to be. The most honest, selfless people I have ever met. In a society where we are shown to always put yourself first, and always take instead of receive.. they showed me opposite. It is because of them, that I will strive to give, love, encourage, be honest, and always be strong. I am so lucky to have them not only for myself, but for my babies.

I appreciate my babies. The love they fill my heart with is unconditional and never ending. I swear if we could put a quarter of the amount of love that moms give their children, out to the world.. how much of a better place would it be! I am two and a half years in, and I am still overwhelmed with the amount of love you could have for something so small, and for that matter can hardly communicate! Ha! I believe the best way to teach, is leading by example. It’s because of these little dudes that each day I will wake up wanting to be the best me that I can possibly be. To show them how incredibly blessed we are, no matter how much or little we have.. we are so blessed. To show them right versus wrong. That honesty will always and forever be the right path to follow. And that life, is SO good.

So even though Mother’s Day is now another day of the past, I hope we can continue to not only celebrate ourselves as mothers but the women around us. And as we continue to teach our babies, that we learn from them.. to enjoy the simple joys in life.



A few recent (simple) moments with three (extraordinary) people that I never want to forget!


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on April 27, 2017

When Copeland first came along, I was definitely more up to date with the latest baby trends, and taking into account what Instagram and Pinterest was showing me as being a must have/the best products..

I mean, packing up one baby to head to Target is pretty simple, and what else do you do during those first few months of endless nursing sessions besides surf Pinterest for hours? I read SO many “Baby Must Have Lists” that I knew EXACTLY what I needed to take care of this baby!

Now here we are baby number two, and I survived close to six months of two under two. (If you have two close in age, you know what I mean when I say I survived ha!) Those first few months with two little dudes are kind of a blur.. I definitely was not making my weekly trip to Target, and those long nursing sessions turned into a balancing act of trying to feed a baby while entertaining a toddler. Needless to say, I was a little behind on the new “hip” baby gadgets.

Funny enough, I figured out that all those cute bottles, organic teethers and everything else I was seeing as a “need” were just for look.. duh right? I’m not implying that having more than one baby makes me a baby expert in any way, but what I do know is you don’t need all these fancy gadgets to make your life easier raising babies.. duh again. So here is a list of a couple baby goods that did make our lives easier, and they don’t break the bank!


If you are about to have your second baby, do yourself a favor and get a carrier!!! Trying to hold your little baby while still playing and giving attention to your toddler is hard, so get your hands free and get one! Also make sure it is one that has a comfortable fit since you will be wearing it LOTS. I have the Boba and I love this one comfort wise and it also comes with the infant insert. The only downside to this carrier is you can not forward face your baby.


This is one that I didn’t use too often with Copeland, but with Palmer it made its way onto the must have list. These little seats are easy to transport around the house and even outside so you can put the baby in and give your attention to your other kiddos. Much more convienient than a bulky swing or jumper. The bouncer I linked seriously looks like a dream.. I mean you can change the height to keep baby away from any disturbances, *cough* wild toddlers!


This one seems pretty obvious even with one baby, but I can’t tell you how many times I really needed to nurse all while Copeland was wanting to run crazy and play.. that’s when mom of the year comes out and locks her toddler in the high chair with a super healthy Otterpop. Always, always keep some special goodies on hand.


I have the Petunia Pickle Bottom and I love this bag! It is big enough for baby AND toddler goods, plus it comes with a changing pad. But the number one reason why I love it.. backpack straps! Uh yeah good luck carrying anything besides a backpack while carrying a baby and holding a toddlers hand. They have so many cute backpack diaper bags right now.. pretty obsessed with the Fawn Design bags, SO cute!


We never really needed one with our first baby, but with a toddler and baby we definitely needed it. Especially in the first few months when the kids are on opposite sleep schedules, it is so nice being able to take your toddler outside to play while still being at peace knowing if your baby wakes up.


This kind of goes with the previous one, but again, opposite sleep schedules means you want any outside noise muffled as possible so they can get good sleep! Also for your toddler when baby is waking up at night.


Okay, soooo we have gone ten months without one since Palmer hated the stroller and only liked the carrier.. BUT we are finally getting use to the stroller and are (finally) ready to get a double! I have done (way too much) research on this and found that side by side joggers or the seats that can change positions are best for multiples so they keep each other entertained.. could be different for all kids but this seems about right for us!


Easter Eggs or Faith?

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on April 14, 2017

When I first created this space, I wanted to keep it as real as possible.. so here we go!

Yesterday, on our forty minute drive to a doctors appointment, I prayed.

In my twenty-(almost)six years of life, I can say most of those years have been spent living a far from perfect Christian lifestyle. My faith has seen dark days. My belief in God has been tested. I’ve seen hard times, resulting in me blaming God. It has always been easy to say I am Christian, although most of those years I claimed to be following and close to God – I wasn’t, and in fact was not proud of the person I was.

Today, I can say my faith is stronger than ever. I have built a relationship that I am proud of. Although I find myself always a work in progress, each day I strive to do what is right and be a better person.

These last few days have been hard. Nothing out of the ordinary hard, just hard. On our drive, it hit me that the only thing that has been hard about these last few days is myself. My patience has been thin and with a baby and toddler, patience is the only thing that keeps me sane throughout the day. I prayed for patience. I prayed about a lot of things actually. In all honesty, this was my longest talk with God yet.

After I finished, I didn’t feel any different. I went about the appointment and my day continued as normal.

On our way home, I was scanning the radio and just so happen to stop on Christian Radio (honestly never listen to this channel). I swear I continue to be amazed how God works. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe that things happen because God intended them to happen that way, at that time. Me turning on this radio station was no coincidence, it was meant to happen. I have put in the bottom of this post what song came on and I urge you (or anyone who even reads this for that matter) to listen!

With Easter around the corner, and in the hustle and bustle of prepping Easter baskets and stuffing eggs, I hope we remember the true meaning behind this day. I truly am eternally grateful for Easter and all it stands for, and I hope to instill the importance of this in my children instead of getting so wrapped up in the goodies. I decided to write this post because it is near and dear to my heart. Maybe all my stress and worry caused me to pray, turn on this song just in time for Easter so I can be reminded of all this.. Coinsidence?